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Carrizo Springs: Wade House Memorial Museum & Dimmit Co. Public Library


Ever wondered how to bring down a mastodon? Check out the mammoth-sized projectile points at the Wade House Memorial Museum, located in Carrizo Springs at the Dimmit County Public Library. The projectiles, collected by Carrizo springs teacher J.W. House who spent 50 years searching the region for artifacts, were used by early humans to hunt down big game like wooly mammoths and mastodons. Don't remember what a mastodon looks like? The museum's proximity to the library's card catalogue and bookshelves should solve the problem. While you're there, read up on the folks who used those projectiles. Paleo-Indians were some of the first of the region's inhabitants starting about 11,000 years ago. These hunter-gatherers carved tools, wove baskets, and made rabbit skin clothes. They also used atlatls, an effective throwing weapon that enhanced the deadly nature of their projectiles. Pre-Dimmit County residents would make a dead run for their prey then fling the atlatl and its projectile as hard as they could, thereby driving a spear into the mastodon's flank. Unless they which point they probably ran just as fast in the opposite direction.


  • 200 North 9th Street
  • Carrizo Springs, Texas
  • 78834


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