Texas Tropical Trail Region

Participant in the Texas Historical Commission's
Texas Heritage Trails Program

Los Fresnos

Photo by Valerie D. Bates


Los Fresnos visitors are in for a bit of a treat. This friendly, Rio Grande Valley community loves a parade...year round! The city puts one on for the annual Los Fresnos Rodeo, the Fourth of July, Homecoming, and Christmas. Add this to its list of festivals including the Los Fresnos Music Fest, the Independence Day Picnic, The Elvis Festival, the Halloween Festival, and a Christmas in the Park and you've got a city that likes to celebrate. Maybe it's the subtropical climate. Or perhaps the bucolic groves of citrus trees and farm fields that surround the city. It could be the beauty of the winding Rio Grande nearby or maybe the hundreds of butterfly species to be found among the resacas and neighborhood gardens. Los Fresnos, named for the ash trees that once grew everywhere, offers a bit of the Rio Grande Valley past in its borderland history and a lot of the present in its thriving community enthusiasm. Make way, amigos de Los Fresnos, here comes another parade!