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Don Pedrito Jaramillo, known throughout Texas as the "Healer of Los Olmos," arrived near the soon-to-be-established town of Falfurrias in 1881. According to his legend, Jamarillo suffered a nose injury after falling from a horse, then healed his wound using mud from a stand of water. During his recovery, he became a curandero, or faith healer, using natural infusions to resolve the symptoms of many of his followers' ailments. Today, devotees (and the curious) visit his burial site and shrine, located on the outskirts of Falfurrias, to leave notes, photographs, and mementos. The origin of the name Falfurrias has never been resolved but founder Edward C. Lasater believed it was a Lipan Indian word meaning "land of heart's delight" and chose to name the headquarters of his 350,000 acre ranch La Mota de Falfurrias. Lasater used his land holdings to develop the town of Falfurrias and the largest herd of Jersey cattle in the world, both benefactors of his Falfurrias Creamery. Hear all about it at the Falfurrias Heritage Museum, pay your respects to Don Pedrito at his shrine, then commemorate the Lasater Jerseys with a nice big scoop of ice cream.



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  • Wildflowers blooming in a field in Falfurrias.